Dutch bikes

We sell secondhand dutch bicycles on our East London market stall. These range from elegant classics to more modern aluminium and steel town and touring bikes. Our cycles are all sourced in Holland and Belgium so expect to find Gazelle, Batavus, Koga Miyata, RIH and other premium dutch bike brands.

With this style of bike you get a stable and upright riding position. You also get hub brakes and gears, as well as dynamo lights. With all of the working parts internalized, these bikes are effectively weatherproof.

The pictures here give an idea of what to expect, in both ladies and gents styles, and we always have upwards of thirty bikes to choose from. Our bikes are all serviced and ready to go, and we offer a three month warranty on labour and tyres.

As well as the more traditional steel bikes we stock modern aluminium machinery with 7-speed Shimano Nexus gears. Our bikes in this style range in price from £150 – £350