Broadway Market

Heavens sells used bicycles, specializing in classic racing and Dutch-style town bikes.

What you will see on our market stall represents only a fraction of what we have to sell, but you can always find a good selection of town bikes and road bikes, ranging from £150 – £600.

We always try to carry a few good budget options as well as our staple – high-end town bikes. These have all been professionally serviced by us and come with a three month warranty on labour. Our word of mouth sales are excellent and this is based in part on the fact that our bikes work, and will continue to work.

We also bring along a selection of road bikes, from about £250 up.

If you are after something more specific, for example if you want a bike in a particular size or from a particular brand, it’s worth giving us a ring beforehand so we can make arrangements to bring a suitable bicycle along to market.

You can also visit us in your workshop anytime, by arrangement. Call Kathryn for details and for how to find us.