12 Apr 2013

Eddy Merckx and friends

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Heaven’s has gone under, or you’d have been forgiven for thinking this, if you’d judged us by the recent lack of activity on this blog.

Or if you’d have judged us by the lack of activity on the market stall during the already legendary (and hopefully recently removed) brutal winter of 2012-2013.

Here’s one of Johnny coping in his dirty trousers, drinking wine in the back of our trailer.

But times change and the sun peeks through the rain, and we have been to Belgium to collect a new load of road bikes. Road bikes are all people seem to want to buy during very bad weather, which seems to sort the men from the boys, so to speak.

Of course you can’t risk using sexist idiom in cycling writing anymore, after the Peter Sagan controversy.

What a wally.

Our new selection of road bikes will however appeal to a broad spectrum of the London cycling community. There is a wild variety here.

(You should click on the pictures for a better view of the bikes.)

Firstly and for the more serious commuter, or alternatively somebody who wants to get their hands on some bargain speed, there is the imposingly named Eddy Merckx Alu Mega. Which when we have given it a new drive train and bar tape will be a very impressive machine indeed, at around £500.

Similarly, though more offensively impressively coloured – clearly it is mating season in Belgium at this time of year – is this second, immaculate Merckx. This one has a full Campagnolo groupset and will also be around £500.

These bikes are a bit of a departure for us in so far as they are aluminium and a bit more modern. So to return to our stock in trade, this classic U Scanini. A real cracker in mint condition, Columbus Aelle, 80s tracksuit paintjob – what more could you want?

Here’s one maybe for Peter Sagan, or somebody else who is extremely confident in their sexuality – Dean, are you reading this? Giacommelli sounds exotic but they are infact as Belgian as waffles. As soon as John has rebuilt the wheels and gotten rid of the tubs this will make a budding Peter very happy.

Here’s the Ludo, which is the hidden gem from in amongst the bunch. It’s a beautiful short wheelbase frame with a mongrel mix of parts, all of which are flash. A Campag triple on the front and practically unridden Open Pros would make this a super-solid commuter or botched tourer. Either way it will be a good buy at £350.

And finally for now, and I have distiorted the picture to give you the full effect, this rather sad-looking Gazelle Champion Mondial, with things falling off it. Or rather it was sad looking. It has recently morphed into a hipster machine par excellence, with white tyres and a Turbo saddle. Also new Campag.Mavic wheels to soften the blow. Operating more as a limousine than a thoroughbred racing machine, it’s nevertheless fast and extremely nice to ride, being very direct like all Champ M’s.

Anyway, I must get back to contemplating the demise of Mrs Thatcher. Roll on spring!

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