19 Nov 2012

Road bikes – Diamant, Himpe, Giacomelli etc

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In a speech to the CBI today David Cameron invoked the spirit of the 1940s, declaring that British businesses needed to adopt that wartime, buccaneering attitude to succeed in the global race for capital.

And it is very much in this spirit that the Heavens’ blog has gone untended for so very many months. Which is by way of an apology and a confession, and an introduction to a current list of bikes, many of which we have unfortunately sold already. It feels a bit weird to say, Oh these are the bikes you could have bought from us if you;d been quick enough. but as always the blog functions as much as a historical document, showing you the sort of things we sell.

First up is this magnificent Himpe which we had hardly dragged out of the trailer before it was bought for £475. This is about the most expensive bike we have sold through Heavens, but in looking at the photo you might well think that it is worth it, especially considering what you can get in the shops for this kind of money:

Admittedly the picture suggests that John took this bike out for a picnic, but I am assured that this was not the case.

Back to the more familiar territory of our lock up and a photo below which proves that we do sometimes get smaller road bikes. This 49cm beauty sold very quickly. We haven’t really been able to get out hands on enough road bikes – their popularity in London seems to be forever on the rise.

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