19 Nov 2012

Columbus Genius

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Scroll down the blog a few posts and you’ll find an image of a fairly tatty-looking Concorde with obscene red and white Richard Virenque saddle, peeling tubs and 130mm titanium stem. I hesitated when buying this bicycle because it looked like this; also I had been sleeping drunk in a trailer and wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to be buying anything other than coffee or more beer.

However under J’s tutelage I bought the bike as a replacement for a stolen Gazelle Champion Mondial AA-Special – also featured tattily on the blog somewhere. This was the most astonishing road bike Heavens had yet acquired.


God I miss that bike.

The Gazelle was light and fast and the frame was beautifully made. The standard of finishing on this bike spoke volumes about the pride the Dutch apply to their very best road bikes.

But when compared to the Concorde the Gazelle felt very two dimensional. You should be warned that this discussion of framesets is about to become wanky metaphysical.

I pull back from the brink. Describing the performance of a frame is a bit like describing wine, or music. Really these are things which should be left to speak for themselves.

And so you just ride the bike. I will limit myself to saying that Columbus Genius is a truly modern frameset and as such the Concorde Squadra is dynamic, fluent – and obscenely quick.

Buy one if you can find one.

Actually, this bike which we try not to sell even though it doesn’t fit anybody associated with the business is just as good as the Concorde. It hangs up in the shed looking pretty.

Are you 5’7? Will you offer us the right amount of money?

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