16 Jun 2012

Road bikes, racing bikes

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A quick update then on our new stock, specifically looking at road bikes. We didn’t manage to get as many as usual, but then it’s proving more difficult to get secondhand bikes generally, as the recession bites in Holland and Belgium. That statement might sound specious, but it’s true. People are holding onto their old bikes longer because they no longer have the capital to change them as often as they wish, which in Holland is every few years, much as people in boom times would get a new plate car over here. It wasn’t strictly necessary but it helped them say something about their wealth and their status as consumers.

I digress. Here are some pictures of the road bikes, ending with the best one.

This is a Concorde with C-Record – very nice. Let’s hope Johnny gets around to fixing it one day. It will be £450.

And can you spot the carbon fibre Specialized lurking in the background here? It’s had a few interesting modifications but is startling fast. Get in touch for further details, but £250.

And the icing on the cake?

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