02 Feb 2012

Long Hibernation

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A long absence from Heavens then, weathering the cruelties of winter.

Nevertheless we have been trading as a few people sniff us out via the web; Johnny has also been stood in the freezing cold, flogging a few bits from the back of our shed.

This is our market at this time of year. And there will be more photos going up from our seasonal ‘banger sale’.

As always we also have some cracking road bikes sitting around, waiting for the Spring when people start to think about cycling again.

There is a carbon-fibre Cadex which will be cheap and nippy; also Diamant, Gazelle, Cannondale, Chesini, Concorde.

A big shout out to Fiona btw who crashed her bike and has just got through a brain scan and internal bleeding!

Also there are the aforementioned bangers, which all work and which are subject to our two month warrant; from Jan Janssen, Daimant again and Gazelle etc etc.

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