07 Sep 2011

Pinarello Opera

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Somebody said to me yesterday, ‘Ugh this is better than the usual junk you sell’.

Which I though was a bit much. But there’s no doubt that this is an ahem exceptionally fine machine.

I was typically brief in my description here:


But on my own blog I can afford to be a bit more effusive. This has been my bike since i bought it in 2009 and we have bonded so much that a sale feels like a betrayal. But then I see objects – for that is ultimately what this is, unused – sat around gathering dust and affection simultaneously. Technics decks, even CD-Js at friends houses, reminding them of the glory days as they play everything through the computer. Before you know it the things have taken on the used patina of furniture.

Of course by this rationale you’d get rid of anything the moment you stopped finding use for it, a kind of ruthless utilitarianism. But then you’d have a lot more space. I have resolved to be a little crueler to objects.

Anyway I digress. This is a very light and very rapid bike, one of the last Pinarellos to be made in Italy. I have taken a slightly curious pride in the thing being made (at least in part) of steel, though it is a very high-tech steel blown as thin as a coke-can on the down-tube. This makes for a super-rigid ride. And the carbon bits give it that characteristic spring.

And STIs! There really is nothing better.

Worst is i know i’ll never be able to afford another bike like this.

I’m not selling this due to an upgrade but because I’ve finally accepted that the bike is the wrong size for me. It 6′ I am an inch or two tall, or my torso is a bit squat. Whatever. The bike is £550, a decent deal I think.

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