12 Sep 2011

More road bike stock

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There are only a couple of occasions each year where we can get our hands on the the sheer number of quality/quirky secondhand racing bikes we need. The community event in Belgium we attend is one such occasion and always throws up some treats. All of the bikes below came from this sale. Please remember these bikes are as yet unreformed and as such will look a lot fresher once we’ve gone to work on them.

Do click on the images for a better picture.

This bike above is undoubtedly the best in strictly art terms. The frame build is nuts, it has 9-speed Ultegra, carbon cranks. I think the frame is around 54cm.

This blue Lucasa is the oldest road bike we bought and possibly my favorite. I’ve never heard of the builder but it is a nicely done frame, Ishiwata tubing, Campagnolo/Modolo bits.

I I always hope we are going to get one of these in my size but, as yet, no luck. It looks a bit gawky here but is much less intimidating in the flesh. Diamant don’t really have too much of a rep that i know of, in the UK at least, but the ones we’ve had in the past have been superb bicycles. This one is the best we’ve had with Campag drop-outs and and complete Shimano 600 groupset.

More good clean road bikes from the Freddy Maertens shop and Comafi respectively. We try to buy bikes in good order that are going to require the minimum amount of finishing from ourselves (obviously there are exceptions to this rule) and these two fitted the bill. Both are pretty much ready to go.

We have finished working on this bike so I thought i’d throw a picture in. Bonkers, this machine is ugly/beautiful and fast. Who ever heard of Reynolds 893 tubing? This might be the best road bike we have ever had, upright geometry, Shimano parts. You can really fling it around and pretend like you’re Marco Pantani.

And of course we have a load of dutch and town bike stuff as always.

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