23 Aug 2011

Skoda Felica RIP

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How to mourn the loss of such a good friend, companion, accomplice, death-trap?

The much-loved Heaven’s wagon is about to move on, prompted by the purchase of a newer, uglier and infinitely less fuel efficient vehicle.

And so far at least our new vehicle has given us nothing but attacks of anxious cramps, due to (legitimate) questions regarding it’s heritage, mechanical integrity. Even its legality.

But talk of the new squeeze is premature. We’re still sizing one-another up. And the Skoda doesn’t really like me talking about the Hilux yet, it just hasn’t come to terms with it. But then I suppose that the wound is still fresh. Sorry Skoda.

How i will miss your death-rattle exhaust pipe, paper-thin clutch and exploding engine.

The price of the car on Gumtree btw is currently £400.

Trips to the Peak District and Belgium will never be the same. I loved that sense that i was lucky to make it through even the most insignificant of journeys, and the relief combined with amazement which would come at the end of a further flung trip. How I used to slap your plastic dashboard with affection!

Enough. Skoda Felica 1.3 GLXi P546 DRC R.I.P xxx

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