22 Aug 2011

Gazelle Champion Mondial AA-Special, ‘Even as a gay man’

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After a lightening start to the month these past couple of weeks have seen a pincer-movement of dreadful Saturday weather and everybody else being on their summer holidays take a reverse hit on our sales.

There are a few things keeping us bouyant however, and not least this interesting-looking Martelly road bike ridden by no less than Andy Vendromme.

I too have no idea who this man is, but his name is enamelled into the paintjob. This is clearly an ex-pro bike of some sort and is scarily rigid – look at the angle of the headtube, and the fork. And what a paintjob it is! This is going to make somebody very happy, and their house a lot brighter.

For anybody interested in the journey our Gazelle Champ Mondial has taken, have a look at the following:

You might well say that this bike has gone backwards since coming back to Blighty, what with the silly coloured tyres and opposing-coloured bartapes. But rest assured that this is the result of miserlyness rather than fashion. These were the only colours we had knocking around. Honest.

I had to shorten the stem as the bike is a it big for me, or rather put a new one in. And it’s still too big for me across the top as my pedantic friends who work in bike shops keep telling me, tape measures in hand. I don’t really care. I don;t get off on telling people what’s wrong with their bicycle. And neither do i care that the rear wheel is entirely the wrong dish and that consequently i only get a limited range of gears. This is London, not le col du tourmalet. The bike makes me very happy. To have a totally integrated bicycle would not be in keeping with our business image.

‘Even as a gay man’

Johnny is a simple man and likes to give some of our bicycles names. I put this easy naming of inanimate objects down to his attending public school where he didn’t have many friends.

Sometimes however a name just falls into place.

This remarkable and hand-decorated Gazelle omafiets acquired the above moniker when Johnny was showing one of our customers round the Dalston lock-up. Upon seeing the bicycle our customer took his stance and reflected that, Even as a gay man, it would be difficult to ride this bike around much without a certain self-consciousness eventually kicking in. Johnny – and to some extent myself – have taken to riding this bike around quite a lot. There is no greater statement of your being comfortable with your own hetrosexuality. It’s a bit like wearing a single pink glove.

It is also an exceptionally comfortable bicycle. Of course it doesn’t have any brakes other than the ‘coaster at the moment. But then you tend to drift rather than cycle this bike around and i for one have rarely found myself going fast enough to have had to seriously trouble the back-pedal brake.

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