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Delicate with a hammer

It’s great fun having such good friends in the London cycle business. Now is probably the time to give these people a big-up. This post has been prompted by meeting Przemek at London Field’s Cycles who has been a genuine legend over the last few weeks. The bike on the right in the picture below […]

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Skoda Felica RIP

How to mourn the loss of such a good friend, companion, accomplice, death-trap? The much-loved Heaven’s wagon is about to move on, prompted by the purchase of a newer, uglier and infinitely less fuel efficient vehicle. And so far at least our new vehicle has given us nothing but attacks of anxious cramps, due to […]

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Gazelle Champion Mondial AA-Special, ‘Even as a gay man’

After a lightening start to the month these past couple of weeks have seen a pincer-movement of dreadful Saturday weather and everybody else being on their summer holidays take a reverse hit on our sales. There are a few things keeping us bouyant however, and not least this interesting-looking Martelly road bike ridden by no […]

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