14 Jul 2011

Latest dutchbike raid

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Another trip out to Holland to pick up the second-hand dutch bike stock and, as Johnny says, we’re getting quite adept at this whole business. Strange then that we never make very much money.

The warehouse we buy from is always a great place to visit, even after the ravages of an eight hour drive and a strange night’s sleep in a tent next to a busy road.

There’s a capitalist comfort to be taken from the process of spending so much money in one go. We generally spend a few thousand euros on bikes in one go – it doesn’t make financial sense to spend any less – and in some respects it’s nice to get rid of all that dirty money.

Our warehouseman gave us the run of the place this time round and we hand-picked thirty five bikes or varying sorts. My favorite of the bunch is the 1930s Simplex, rod brakes, probably intractable. If you saw the Simplex from last time – a wonderful Amsterdam manufacturer long since deceased – then you will perhaps understand my affection.

Johnny doesn’t, he’s too much of a heathen for that. My purchase of a 1920s Gazelle, covered in dust and well hidden away in a back room, was vetoed also.

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