07 Jun 2011

Raleigh Dyna-tech 605

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Raleigh Dynatech. A picture speaks a thousand words…

Straight out of the cycling mecca which is er Luton, this Raleigh is perhaps not to everybody’s tastes. We used to have a collection of what were affectionately known as tw*t bikes, bikes with yellow wheels and rad paint jobs getting a second chance on the catwalks streets of Hoxton. This bike might fit firmly into that category and is perhaps most reminiscent of a British Knights tracksuit circa 1985. But i love it all the more for that.

It also rides extremely well. The bonded frame, having come this far, is a bit weird to sprint but thoroughly encouraging. It much lighter and more responsive than most steel bikes and feels quite modern. Apart from a crusty bit of paint at the aluminum BB the bike has survived cosmetically too.

The Sachs New Success groupset is beautiful too (especially the crankset).

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