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Dutch bike heaven

Thanks a lot to Clare for coming and doing some real photos of the new stock we’ve just shipped in from Holland. And some of the bikes are very photogenic too. Our guy in Holland is learning what exactly we want from him after a year of trade. And our shopping there is getting more […]

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Bianchi road bike 58cm, Fangio road bike 56cm

I couldn’t resist buying this Bianchi even though it was more money than i usually like to spend on secondhand road bikes. It was just in such great condition. Fine wheels, a full Veloce group and brake set – even the titanium Flite saddle is a nice touch. It is super stiff and fast. People […]

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Eddy Merckx road bike

Here’s the first of the latest crop of road bikes from our friends in Belgium. I’m still finding out a bit more about this bike – it was ridden by a Belgian professional and is of a very high quality, hence the SLX and Record/Delta brakes. More info to follow as i find out…

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